I’ve always loved making my own clothes.

They didn’t always fit well … but when I was a teenager and in my twenties, it didn’t matter so much.

Then, I had babies and my body changed. I turned 40, and my body changed again. And then, as I hit my mid-40’s, EVERYTHING changed.

I suddenly felt super wobbly about who I was.

I was overwhelmed with the sensation that the carpet had been ripped out from under my feet – I suddenly didn’t know what I wanted to wear any more. I wasn’t really sure who I even was.

I’ve spent most of my life dressing in clothes I’ve made, and there I was, this thing that had brought me so much pleasure, was suddenly making me feel stressed.

I felt anxious about whether I’d picked the right yarn colour for a cardigan, or the right skirt pattern for my body, or even if I liked cardigans and skirts!

I agonised over whether this colour went with that and found it hard to hear that voice inside of me that had always let me know who I was and what I loved.

It was an odd period in my life.

But I had to keep getting dressed. I had to keep choosing clothes to wear, and the creative NEED deep inside me to knit and sew and make, was as strong as ever, I was filled with an urgency to figure out who I wanted to be for the rest of my life, and what I wanted to wear.

I finally understood that I NEEDED my clothes to fit me, right now, in this body. And that I HAD to feel fantastic in them, and it mattered more than EVER that I feel like “me” in them.

And, funnily enough, I realised that the act of making my own clothes, as beautifully as I could, with my own hands, was actually very therapeutic. So I kept going and slowly but surely, I found my way back to “me”.

Wardrobe Toolbox has been designed for people who feel “blah” about their clothes, disappointed with their knits, as well as all of us who can’t seem to figure out what we want to wear anymore.

It’s for people who LOVE to knit, enjoy growing their skills and want to create clothes for themselves that make them feel (and look!) fantastic.

Whether you’re dreaming of creating an entirely handmade wardrobe, or you’ve got your eye on some key pieces; Wardrobe Toolbox is the monthly online programme designed to give you the skills, vision, enthusiasm, and confidence you need.

If it sounds like something you’d enjoy – head over to Wardrobe Toolbox and join in!

I can’t wait for our handmade adventure to begin!

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