Are you ready?!


The doors open again on Friday 18 September until Monday 28 September. Don’t miss out!

It’s been a busy six months in Wardrobe Toolbox this year. We’ve made friends, knitted gorgeous new patterns, shared our making, learnt new things about ourselves and our knitting, and of course, had tons of fun.

Here are some of the things that Wardrobe Toolbox members have had to say about Season 1:

“It’s a great community, full of knowledge and encouragement from all around the world where I can learn and feel comfortable to ask for help if I’m stuck.” – Dawn

“It’s gently and kindly giving me the confidence to knit things that suit me, boost me and that I enjoy. I love it so much!” – Helena

“Fun, encouraging and a supportive place to connect. I just love being a part of it.” – Fiona

“In a short time, I’ve learned to better fit my knits (which has also helped me choose a better size when sewing), pick garments that flatter my body style, and to expand my color pallet. The tutorials are like a cherry on top.” – Alicia

“I love being able to hook in and out when I feel like it and love that it is all there waiting for me. Love the support and encouragement as well in the lounge” – Rachel

“Libby has helped me understand that knitting is a passion I can do anywhere at any time and Wardrobe Toolbox is is teaching me that it doesn’t need to be perfect, just perfect for me.” – Sharon

“Loving it – I recommend it to everyone. Practical lessons on making items which are wearable and taking my knitting skills to the next level.” – Kate

“I love Wardrobe Toolbox. It has more that just knitting and helps me to create my style. Well worth the money and it is fun to be part of the community.” – Pam

“A friendly, inspiring and supportive online group that’s given me the confidence and skills to attempt a knitted garment for the first time after years of just thinking about it!” – Aileen

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