The height of summer can make for an uncomfortable knitting experience, am I right?! I’m writing this blog post sitting in a wet swimsuit, on a thick towel. It’s hot and there’s no sign of it cooling off any time soon, so I’m trying everything to stay cool and still satisfy my need to make stuff, especially knit.

When it’s sticky and hot, yarn sticks rather than slides through my fingers and honestly, even the thought of a lap full of wool right now is enough to give me a sweaty brow.

So what do we do when it’s baking, the sun is shining, we’re glugging down cold water as fast as we can manage and we’re still desperate to knit something?


Linen and cotton come into their own when the days warm up.

Grab some summer yarns and cast on … who knows, you might whip a summer top up quick enough to wear it before it cools down again!


Rustic, heavy wool might be completely out of the question on the hottest days, but small hats, single skein shawls, and socks are usually little enough and light enough to manage without feeling too sticky.

If you aim for less “woolly yarns” like alpaca and mohair and steer towards sleek, worsted spun blends including a bit of wool, as well as some cooler fibres like silk and linen, you’ll hopefully find things feel even lighter.


Have you ever tried hand-sewing, embroidery or making your own clothes? Now’s your chance.

Sewing is especially great in super-hot weather. Think small summer tops, t-shirts, tanks, simple skirts.

What about trying your hand at a new project bag for your knitting?


It may not feel like it right now, but cooler days are coming and it pays to be ready.

Fling open the windows, turn up the radio and pull out every skein you own.

Tidy your notions, project bags and books.

I bet by the end of it, you’ll be feeling a love for knitting, and inspiration, like you haven’t felt in a while.


Pour yourself a long cool drink, grab a sunhat and find a shady tree.

Then, enjoy flicking through a few knitting magazines, books, or scroll Pinterest.

What catches your eye?

Be sure to take a notebook and pen! Have fun letting your imagination wander while you create your dream list of knitting projects for when the weather cools down again.


Perhaps there’s a knitting technique that you’ve been itching to try? Maybe you’re intimidated by top-down garments or lace?

What a perfect opportunity to get a few new skills under your belt!

Take a class, watch some YouTube videos or meet up with friends to share tips and tricks. Start the new knitting season one step ahead!

Most of all, relax … nothing stays the same for long. Cool days and knitting by the fire will be back before we know it!

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