I’ve been putting off sewing and to be honest, the reason makes me feel silly.

What was the last thing I sewed? I think it was my new washi dress? Flip, that was months ago over the summer.

It’s not like I’ve not wanted to sew. Nope, I’ve actually been keen to get behind my machine for a while now. I’ve been matching patterns with fabric and buying notions but I can’t seem to get past tracing my patterns. Well, actually that’s not entirely correct. I can’t get past the point of thinking about tracing patterns.

The problem is a spare tire around my belly that’s been growing steadily over the past six months. (And it’s not baby!) I’m sure it’s not obvious to anyone else but it is to me because all my trousers are uncomfortable.

And, it’s been putting me off sewing because I don’t want to make the decision about whether to try to do something about it or accept that I’m in my mid-forties and my shape is changing. Part of me is saying; “oh for gods sake woman, just make something that fits” while another voice is telling me; “it’ll probably just get worse anyway, it’s all downhill from here”, and a third voice (gah! who has three voices?!) is a bit shrill; “move more! Eat less!” Actually, none of the voices is being very kind.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking. If you told me that your round tummy was stopping you from cutting out fabric I’d say, “How about doing something nice for you right now? Why not try making something gorgeous that fits? I bet spoiling yourself will make you feel good.” I think I’d even say, “I bet if you start focusing on wearing stuff that you enjoy and that makes you look fantastic right now, you’ll start to feel fabulous, tummy or no tummy.” And I’d say it in a really kind voice and I’d smile and send lots of good vibes and loving thoughts to you because I’d want you to feel good just as you are.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to try hard to listen to me as if I was my friend and I’m going to spoil myself a little and make something that fits right now.

Fancy joining me?





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