Living a knitting life

With every long, cosy, woolly knitterly winter that comes and goes, I sink deeper into understanding what knitting is all about. Over the years, knitting and knitting lifestyles are something about which I've thought long and hard. After all, my life is full-of-wool: yarn, needles, knitters, stitches, mistakes, frogging and just-one-more-row-please.

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Yarn for shawls – what should you use?

"Argh! The choices?! What yarn should I use?"
Over the years, I've helped many knitters answer this question when they wonder what yarn to use for my shawl patterns. I promise it's normal to be completely overwhelmed by the vast choice of yarn available!
There are a few things to consider when learning how different yarn behaves and what you might look for when choosing yarn for a shawl.

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Relax now – Doing it Your Way

I didn't always spin. And, to be honest, I haven't spun for ages – my spinning wheel sits next to my podcasting couch, and she looks a little lonely. I used to think spinning looked wildly complicated. My efforts at coordinating my feet and hands sitting at demo spinning wheels at yarn festivals were hilarious. Thankfully, they weren't enough to put me off entirely, but it did mean my spinning journey began with a tiny spindle rather than a big wheel. I've been reflecting on a few things...

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Knitting: 5 great things about Truly Myrtle patterns

My favourite kind of knitting is 90% "chill" with a splash of "twist". And, by twist, I mean an assortment of possible adventures, from clever construction and sublime details to effortless stitches producing incredible results. Some days I relish deciphering complicated charts and instructions that have me squinting my eyes and seeing if I can understand better with a fresh cup of tea in my hand. But mostly, when I pick up my needles, I crave straight-forward, manageable stitches with just a dollop of exuberance that's simple to master. So, it makes sense that I tend to stick to this recipe when I'm dreaming up my designs…there are 5 great features we focus on to make Truly Myrtle patterns enjoyable knits:

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Learn: Life Lessons from Your Knitting

It's safe to say I have a "knitting lifestyle". I frequently steal moments from my day to "knit just one more row", grab a project bag whenever I leave the house, and curl up on the sofa with knitting every night. It's odd to see me sitting without my knitting, and it feels even more peculiar to sit with my hands free. I've come to recognise the host of emotions that come with a "knitting lifestyle":

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