When we’re excited about a pattern and gorgeous yarn, knitting a swatch can feel like a chore that wastes precious yarn and knitting time.

However, ironically the opposite can be true. Swatching sets you off on the right foot, and if you’ve got your swatches sorted, you’ll cast on with confidence, make fewer mistakes, rip back less often and finish faster.

Excitingly, I’ve got a bunch of great swatching resources for you: a cheat sheet, articles to read, and a video to get you up to swatching speed.

I’ve made a pretty Swatching Basics cheat sheet for you to download and keep with your knitting know-how. Refer to it when you’re beginning a new project to remind yourself how to set yourself up for success.

Enter your details below, and your cheat sheet will instantly wing its way to your inbox.

Happy knitting!

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