There’s nothing worse than looking for a knitting pattern you’re excited to finally knit, and finding … that you can’t find it!

Perhaps it’s hiding in some secret place on your computer? Maybe it’s stored on a website that’s currently down, or not around anymore? There’s a chance you might find a printed copy, but it’s torn, stained, and covered in indistinguishable markings from the last time you made it.

Storing our PDF patterns securely, where we can find them quickly and easily, is one of the tricks to making our knitting lives happy and stress-free.

Even if you’re used to storing your patterns on third party websites, it also pays to keep a digital/printed copy yourself. Just in case.


  • Create a folder on your computer desktop for all your patterns;
  • Store pattern downloads in dropbox, or another cloud storage system;
  • Save them to a memory stick (grab a large one so it fits lots of patterns that include big photos);
  • If you prefer using paper patterns, make a folder of your favourites. Maybe even organise them by type, and alphabetically, to make things easy to find?
  • If you plan to make something more than once, and want to keep notes or plan to make adjustments to a pattern, make a second printed copy before you start. Keep your original safe and sound in your folder;
  • To save ink and paper, only print out pages with instructions, not full photo pages. Most Truly Myrtle patterns save photos for full pages so you can pick and choose which ones to print;
  • Check the size of the file you’re trying to download. Your phone or device may not have enough storage space for large files such as ebooks. In that case, download them to your computer, or a device or memory card with more storage. You might find that signing up for cloud-based storage is a good option for you;
  • Use an app on your phone or device to store your patterns. Notability is a great app for IOS, and iBooks, Files/Files Manager, and Knit Companion are other popular options;
  • Finding a system that allows you to enlarge, highlight, and write on your digital patterns is a great way to check off your progress when following a chart, mark your size, and note down any changes you’re making.

Happy knitting folks!

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