Are you ready?!

Season 4 of Wardrobe Toolbox is coming!

The doors open again on Saturday 18 September until Tuesday 28 September. Don’t miss out!

It’s been a fun inside Wardrobe Toolbox this year.

We’ve made friends, knitted gorgeous new patterns, shared our making, learnt new things about ourselves and our knitting, and of course, had tons of fun.

Here’s what some of our members had to say about their Wardrobe Toolbox journey:

Wardrobe Toolbox … has encouraged me to push to make something that I didn’t think I could! Also the help from Wardrobe Toolbox and the community has been fabulous. I have learned how to better judge the size I need. Learned new stitches, bust darts, etc. I feel I am a better knitter because of Wardrobe Toolbox. Thanks! – Kathy

“Wardrobe Toolbox has given me encouragement, a place to share my creations, the reinforcement that no matter your size, shape or age you deserve beautiful hand knit garments.” – Dolores

“I have become a much better knitter! I have learned so much about technique and fit… the community is so caring and supportive. I have virtually met and became friends with some amazing ladies and it’s definitely helped keep me sane during the Pandemic and now Wildfires.” – Jacqui

“I was too scared to knit anything for myself other than shawls because I couldn’t adjust patterns to make them fit me. Not only do Truly Myrtle patterns fit a fantastic range of sizes but I’ve learnt how to knit to fit my body and I’ve made some stunning garments that fit perfectly and look magnificent. Learning that my body is not impossible to clothe has been truly liberating. I love Wardrobe Toolbox..” – Becky

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