When you say it aloud it sounds obvious; clothes that fit feel amazing.

But how often do we wear a skirt that’s too tight, knickers that roll down, trousers that are too long (or short!) and sweaters that pull under the arm and feel a little snug around the tummy? I’m guessing; too often.

I also imagine that many of us have a little voice in our head telling us that if we just had a smaller tummy, or slimmer arms, or smaller (or larger!) boobs, everything would be just fine. That we’d feel amazing.

I don’t need to tell you that’s rubbish. That it’s the clothes that are wrong, not you. But knowing that it’s rubbish is quite different to feeling it.

I finished my skirt last week. It turned out slightly smaller than I initially anticipated, but it was still a good couple of sizes larger than anything I’d make to fit my bust and that niggly little part of me made mental note of that.

I fussed and fussed to get a good fit around the waist. The fabric was so beautiful I really wanted to make sure I sewed something I’d wear over and over, not just once for a photoshoot.

So I sewed, tried it on, unpicked and sewed again. And again. And again. And eventually, I managed to get an almost perfect fit around my waist.

I had someone else sew the buttonholes for me (and she even sewed on the buttons!) because my nerves couldn’t stretch to 8 or so buttonholes all looking identical and perfect, and voila! When I tried on my finished skirt, guess what?


All my thoughts about waist sizes relative to bust sizes and round tummies vanished into thin air. Just like Goldilocks, my skirt wasn’t too tight and it wasn’t too loose. It was just right.

And it wasn’t just the “fitting well” part that I’m enjoying. I adore the fabric, I love the length, I feel like “me” in my skirt. Plus, it’s comfortable. I don’t have to suck in my tummy and I’m not conscious of a waistband digging into me, and that feels really, really great.

In fact, I feel so good in my skirt, that I tuck in my tops, stand taller and actually KNOW that I am exactly right just as I am. It’s liberating and even more sweet because I made it happen with my very own hands.

As icing on the cake, I sewed a gorgeous “one of a kind” label (you can find them at Kylie and the Machine) into the waistband and wore my skirt for three days straight.

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