Have you ever taken part in a knitalong (KAL)? I thoroughly recommend it. There’s something special about taking our usually solitary craft and making it communal. Not the actual knitting part – but the working together, sharing the journey part.

Sometimes, everyone knits the same pattern in a KAL. Other times, everyone uses the same yarn, or theme, or designer … there are about as many ways to knit-along as there are knitters.

The whole point is to enjoy the togetherness of it all.

Rather than slogging away on your own for the uppity-zillionth time, it can be sweet relief to be stuck on sleeve island, or something tricky, with someone else.

If you’re in the mood for inspiration, KAL’s are a fantastic place to start.
You can ooh and aah over colours, yarns, stitches, and patterns until the cows come home, in complete confidence that you’re in the company of people who get it. Of course, because knitters are great people, happy to spend endless hours talking about knitterly stuff, which is a delightful thing.

Feeling shaky about your colour combo? Stuck on a tricky stitch? No worries!

This is where KAL’s come into their own.
Especially if you’re all knitting the same pattern. Just ask for help – someone will most likely have tackled it all before you, and while it’s fresh in their mind, they’re the best people to help. You might even find that some generous soul creates a little video for you to show you how your tricky stitch is worked. (It happens! The knitters in Truly Myrtle KAL’s are the most fabulously supportive.)

While they don’t always come with a deadline, a KAL often has the effect of creating a semi-deadline that you may or may not want to shoot for. It’s totally up to you – although possibly difficult to resist if you’re swept along by the yarn fumes and happy vibes of a great KAL. Knitting with other knitters often makes for a team effort that ends with a finished knit. Yay!

We’re hosting a fun KAL in the Truly Myrtle Hangout right now. Everyone is knitting the cute Dolly cardigan with its slipped stitch colourwork, sweet rosebuds and fun shaping. If you’re tempted, we’d love to see you there.

If you’re wondering how to start…
It’s as easy as grabbing your pattern from the Truly Myrtle Website, Ravelry or Lovecrafts, hopping over and jumping right in.

You may already have perfect Dolly yarn in your stash, or perhaps this is the right moment to treat yourself and splash out on new skeins. If you’re not sure, try waiting a moment and watching some of the Dolly videos to get a feel of the Dolly you’re after.

Once you’re in the Hangout, let us know you’re there! Leave a comment, show off your yarn (or tell us if you need some feedback on colours), ask questions if you have any – then chat!

Visit other posts, giving them a thumbs up and if you fancy, leave a comment. Be brave! Getting stuck in boots and all makes for a super fun KAL experience.

If you have a hiccup and find you don’t have time to keep up with everyone, try not to worry. Making a KAL work for you is the secret to keeping it enjoyable and will bring you back for more.

So, even if life throws you a curly moment and you can’t knit for a bit, if you still have time for a quick chat, stay in touch. Talking with friends you’ve made during the KAL may even soften your curly moment.

Later, when life settles down, your knitting will be waiting for you to pick up where you left off. And, your new KAL friends will be ready to cheer you on.

Hop over to the Hangout and join the Dolly KAL. You’re not late! Some of us are only just getting started!

Ensure you’re signed up to the Truly Myrtle Minimag to stay in touch and get discounts on new pattern releases.

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