Your Truly Myrtle knits are gorgeous! We love seeing photos of them!

It’s inspiring to see how you make them yours by using fresh colour combos and new and exciting yarn and including modifications to the fit so they work perfectly for your shape.

There’s also something special about modelling your knits for the photos. It can feel weird and make us self-conscious, but for everyone who wants to see how your project looks and hangs and those who wish to inspect your yarn, it’s fantastic to see a modelled knit. A photo with you in it brings everything to life.

If you’re needing some photo-modelling tips: check out this blog post.

Some of the Truly Myrtle knitters have generously posted their photos of finished Truly Myrtle knits so I can show you how fabulous they are.

They showed me so many images that we’ll have to call this Part 1! I’ll have to come back with Parts 2, 3 and so on! I love the variety of projects, colours and yarns.

From left to right: Dianne chose the perfect plum yarn for her Gingerbread sweater. Don’t you love the pop of lace at the cuffs and hem?

Helen’s Queenie is scrumptious in a stunning combo of yellow and greys (grellow!).

Wow, Sandra’s Floozy Too is fabulous! The colours suit her beautifully and the fit looks wonderful. is fabulous! The colours suit her beautifully and the fit looks wonderful.

From left to right: Rachael knitted a stunning Antipodes – doesn’t the border open up beautifully?

Jo-Anne’s Nuala is a pretty layer and doesn’t the colour suit her so well?

Finally, we love Claire’s cute raspberry Footsie socks. It’s such a great pattern for the entire family.

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Our Hangout is warm, friendly and supportive. Feel free to post questions there about Truly Myrtle patterns. Ask for advice on putting colours together, matching patterns with yarn and sing out if you’re confused by a pattern. It’s very likely that someone else in the group has knitted the same pattern and can let you know what to do next.

If you’re finding it frustrating that your sweaters and cardigans don’t fit properly, the Hangout is a great place to ask for advice. Our group is large and it’s quite likely that someone else is a similar shape to you or has struggled with the same fit issues. They might be able to offer some advice about which size to knit and what tips they have for making adjustments.

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We’d love to see you in the Truly Myrtle Hangout on Facebook!