As the mornings cool down and a familiar autumnal crispness catches in the air, my mind (and my hands!) have been drawn to light layers.

In “in-between” weather, when it’s cooling down to winter, or warming up to summer, fine knits come into their own.

Fingering / 4ply & lace-weight garments and shawls are the perfect solution to chilly shoulders, without adding a lot of weight.

These past few days, as the rain has started and the temperatures drop, I’ve been living in my Timely & Istumo cardigans as well as my Tui Sweatshirt. All three suit my work-at-home life, as well as my kid-taxi life, and they also dress up just enough to take me out to lunch at a cafe, or to a movie with Mr Myrtle.

I’ve rounded up a selection of my favourite “in-between weather” Truly Myrtle patterns to inspire you to take your knitting skills and put them to work growing a capsule of knits, for weather that’s not too hot, and not really cold.

Don’t forget shawls! Long shawls and stoles are my favourite shapes to keep the breeze off my shoulders and wear them by draping them over either shoulder and either let the ends hang, or flinging them over one or both of my shoulders again.

When you’re thinking about yarn, my suggestion is to go for those that include silk or plant fibres. Fine silk, bamboo, cotton and cellulose fibres can all add sheen and fluidity when mixed with wool, and linen gives your knitted fabric a relaxed and more summery feel. These characteristics can turn otherwise very cosy yarns into blends more suited to autumn and spring.

Have fun experimenting and happy knitting!

Light layer favourites: clockwise from the top left: Timely, Huia, Tui, Itsumo.

Light layer favourites: clockwise from the top left: Dirty Lace, Nessa, Mindful, Drama Queen.

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