You’ve dropped a stitch, you can’t seem to make your numbers match the pattern, are unsure which size to cast on, or maybe you’re wondering if your gorgeous skein of yarn will work …. with so many stitches, so much yarn and so many new techniques, there will always be knitting questions!

How do you find the answers you need?

When we’re knitting at home and frustrated by the stitches on our needles, it can feel like we’re all on our own and we’ll never figure it out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes it’s just a matter of “tinking” (unpicking – “tink” is “knit” backwards) a little until you get to a row that you know matches the pattern. Sometimes it’s a matter of reaching out for help. As a knitter, you’re part of a great big (international!) community and more often than not, if you can’t figure things out yourself, someone will be ready and willing to lend you a hand.

It’s knowing where to look.

  • First stop – count your stitches! If you’ve got a stitch count problem, double-check your stitches. Did you start your last row with the right number of stitches? Tink back to a row that you feel confident about and take a deep breath before starting again.
  • Not sure about a new technique? Check out the abbreviations page in the pattern. Perhaps it links to a tutorial? Try new stitches or techniques on some waste yarn to see if you can figure it out. If it’s part of a larger repeat or panel, try it with a smaller number of stitches. If you’re still confused, try searching for the technique on YouTube – it’s amazing what you can find!
  • Ask another knitter. You might be lucky enough to have another knitter in your life. Do you go to a knitting group or have a friend who knits? If you ask for their help they’ll feel able to ask for yours when they need it.
  • Head over to the Truly Myrtle Knit & Chat Hangout. Our Facebook group is warm, friendly and supportive. Feel free to post questions there about Truly Myrtle patterns. Ask for advice on putting colours together, matching patterns with yarn and sing out if you’re confused by a pattern. It’s very likely that someone else in the group has knitted the same pattern and can let you know what to do next. If you’re finding it frustrating that your sweaters and cardigans don’t fit properly, the Hangout is a great place to ask for advice. Our group is large and it’s quite likely that someone else is a similar shape to you or has struggled with the same fit issues. They might be able to offer some advice about which size to knit and what tips they have for making adjustments.
  • International time zones are fantastic for getting help! Even if you’re knitting late into the night where you live, chances are it’s morning or lunchtime somewhere else. Take a punt and reach out for help at any time of the day or night in the Truly Myrtle Knit & Chat Hangout.

Remember you’re not the first knitter with a question and there’s no such thing as a silly question. Don’t feel nervous or embarrassed to ask for help!

  • Make use of hashtags on social media. Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry all use hashtags. Type in the name of a pattern and see what pops up. At the very least, you’ll probably come away feeling very inspired!
  • Email a friend. If you’re still stuck or can’t find an answer, reach out for help! is our dedicated email address for Truly Myrtle pattern questions. Expect an answer within about 48 working hours (NZ time) – if you figure it out before you hear back, just send another email to let us know!

Knitting gives us a great opportunity to be a ‘life-long learner’. Invest in good books, take classes and chat to other knitters.

  • Knit together! There are regular knit-alongs for Truly Myrtle designs but don’t feel you have to wait for an official knit-along. Grab a few friends and knit a Truly Myrtle pattern at the same time! Someone will know what to do! Learn together!
  • Sign up for the Truly Myrtle Mini-Mag. The free weekly Mini-Mag is often full of great knitting advice. Get it delivered to your inbox, make the most of all the chances to learn something, and be in the loop to hear about new patterns!

Remember knitting is meant to be fun and (mostly!) relaxing. Don’t spend too long worrying over making things perfect. “Fudging” a few stitches to make the pattern work is perfectly okay.

  • Step outside your comfort zone! Trying new things can be nerve-racking but knitting patterns are a great way to experiment with the unknown and push ourselves a little, without going too wrong. Thankfully we can always salvage yarn from a project that hasn’t worked!

Remember, you’re the boss of you’re knitting!

Every now and then, try a pattern that feels “ tricky” and see how you go at being the boss of it.

Happy knitting!

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