Let’s talk about presents for the person that has almost everything they need.

They can smile and say, “it’s the thought that counts,” till they’re blue in the face, but finding your gift sitting on a shelf can be a little heartbreaking.

Well, luckily for us, with a little bit of thought and detective work, a handmade gift can be fail-proof and a lovely way of saying “I care”. After all, things made by hand take time to create, and nothing spells love better than T-I-M-E. Right?!

Important reminder: Handcrafted gifts don’t necessarily save money. They can often be cobbled together with bits we already own, but, as we all know, yarn, tools and crafting supplies tend to add up. And, with that in mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to concede that our creations are often more meaningful gifts than cost-savers in the long run.

Why it’s worth making gifts (at least from time to time)

Make it memorable (aka personal)

There’s nothing like hitting the nail on the head or seeing a sparkle in someone’s eye. Putting yourself into someone’s shoes and digging into what interests them and makes their heart sing – not only makes for a closer connection but also makes for a perfect gift. So, what is their favourite colour at the moment, how soft is “soft” for them? What don’t they know they need yet?

There’s nothing else quite like it (aka one of a kind)

Even if you’re knitting the same hat for every member of your family, no two will be the same. For a start, you embed each with different thoughts and memories as you make them! You might make the changes more evident by using the same yarn but putting a twist on how you arrange the colours or adorn them with different pompoms and so on. Handmade is always unique, and that’s what makes it extra special.

The best feel-good vibes around (for both of you)

Honestly, if you get it right, handmade gifts are an out-of-this-world-spectacular way to make both you and your recipient feel amazing!

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