Hello!! Welcome to the Truly Myrtle podcast – Episode 68 is here!

I’m chatting about yarn, our Timely KAL and blocking to check gauge today. You can find links to everything I mention below.


There’s still time to join! We’re knitting along till the end of August!


Hannah has created some gorgeous colourways for your Skein Sisters shawls! Find her yarn in her etsy shop and use the code Libby10 for a discount. She’s also on Instagram so you can catch up with her there too.

If you don’t have the Skein Sisters shawl feel free to use the code SKEINSISTERS all weekend for a 15% discount. Enjoy!


Do check out Michelle’s lovely blog myso-calledhandmadelife.com – she’s so inspiring.

If you’re interested in a wrist ruler you can find them here.


As usual, my fabulous theme tune is “Casting On” by Mr Roberelli.

Have a happy weekend!

Libby xxx


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