Helllooo! I feel like I’ve been whipping around like a mad thing the last few months! All my travelling is finished for a bit and I’m enjoying sitting still and getting on with my knitting :)

Welcome to episode 65 of the podcast!


was a blast! Soooo super busy. They’re trying to work out how to cope with the crowds and make plans for future festivals. Have your say over on the Woolfeast Facebook page.


I visited Rangoon Ruby when I was in Christchurch and fell in love with Burmese food! I’ve been on the hunt for good cookbooks so I can make my own. I’ve found Burma Superstar which looks ok but I’d love to hear your recommendations.


kicks off on 1 July in the Ravelry group. Come join in! It’s so much fun knitting together, you get a chance to be inspired, ask questions and show off your gorgeous knitting. See you there!


is wrapping up next week on 30 June. Make sure photos of your finished projects are in the thread!

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I keep hearing how much you love my theme song. It’s written and performed by the very fabulous Mr Roberelli. All of the albums are sooooo good :)

Have a great weekend!

Love Lib xxx



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