Welcome back to Episode 60 of the Truly Myrtle Podcast!

This week I’m letting you know about a huge yarn sale that would be amazing to support, catching you up with my capsule wardrobe adventure and drawing a winner for the gorgeous Fibre Company yarn :)


This small yarn company in New Zealand are suffering from the international downturn in the wool market and need some cash to keep them ticking over.

They’ve got a range of very delicious yarn and fibre for felting and spinning and are offering a 50% discount on their full range until the end of May.

Head over to www.briarpatch.co.nz – sign up to be a member (it’s free!) and automatically receive your discount.


I’ve started making things! Well, I’ve managed to do some cutting out!

Have you tried Nani Iro fabric? I’m terrified of cutting mine out!

Although I’ve only just started, my new book The Curated Closet, looks like it’s going to be a really great resource for developing a wardrobe of clothes that you love. I’ll report back when I get a bit further along.


I’ve got a bunch of new patterns coming your way over the next couple of months, starting with a beautiful shawl next week. It’s my favourite yet!

If you’d like to hear when new patterns are released, make sure you’re signed up to receive my mini-mag :)

Have a great weekend!

Lib xxx


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