I’m back from Knit August Nights and I’m a little little husky! That’s what happens when you talk non-stop for 5 days!


I had a blast. Held every year in the last weekend of the month, it’s a New Zealand yarn festival not to be missed.

I teach and also have a stand with all my samples for you to try on.

Next year is the 10 year anniversary! Will I see you there?


I was absolutely thrilled to be featured on the Fruity Knitting podcast recently! I’ve got a short segment in Episode 60 where I chat about 5 of my garment designs, the inspiration behind them and interesting techniques in the patterns.

Andrea creates a very professional podcast, a proper TV show, full of fascinating interviews and snippets of their travels. I learn something every episode and I really enjoy catching up with people as passionate about their knitting as I am.

Excitingly, I’ve got a special discount on all my independently published patterns just for Fruity Knitting Patrons until Midnight, Sunday 16 September, 2018. You’ll have to be a Patron to get the discount.

Fruity Knitting is an independent production. They don’t receive any money from YouTube ads or sponsors. At the moment, Andrea is working full time on the show including evenings and weekends. Andrew supports the production around his day job. It has become clear that this level of work is not sustainable, so their goal is to have the financial support for Andrew to work on the podcast as well. There are currently around 1700 patrons.

Head over to their website to find out how to become a Patron. There are different tiers of support you can sign up to, but basically, Patrons agree to a regular monthly contribution, starting at $5 per month (which is around $2.50 per episode). There is a small processing fee, and Andrea and Andrew pay tax, but most of your money goes directly towards supporting the Fruity Knitting Podcast. You can change or stop your payments at any time.

What will you get? Andrea and Andrew have worked out some “rewards” to show their gratitude for your support. There are lots of behind the scenes discounts, interviews, chats and more. And, you also get to know that as a Patron you are keeping the Fruity Knitting on air, and that’s great too.


Floozy madness has been so good! I’m loving seeing all your Floozy cardigans grow (have you joined the knit-along?!)

Our next exciting event in the Floozy calendar is a party! Will you join Catrien and me for a fun afternoon of knitting, yummy drinks and food and prizes? And, of course, lots of Floozy fun :)

Join us from 3 – 6 pm on Sunday 23 September, 2018 at Stitch and Bitch Lounge Cafe, 225 Parnell Road, Auckland. We’ve got the whole cafe to ourselves for our party and there is parking right across the road.

It would be really helpful for our planning if you’d book a free ticket so we can make sure we’ve got enough chairs, staff and goodies for you all.

Bring your current wip and your knitting buddies. Can’t wait to see you!!

Happy knitting!

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