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A lot happens inside Wardrobe Toolbox. We make friends, knit gorgeous patterns, share our making, learn things about ourselves and our knitting – and of course, have fun!

Here are some of the things our members have had to say about Wardrobe Toolbox:

I joined WTB in season 4, I’ve knitted for many years and never had any teaching or tuition! Now I can knit in the round, I prefer it, knit short rows and watch the shape change. I have tried so many needles I didn’t know existed I’ve learned about gorgeous yarn blends and had never really paid attention to gauge. I now swatch flat & in the round. Oh things I have learned I could go on and on.

– Annabel

I’ve loved being a part of Wardrobe Toolbox. Initially, I was worried I wouldn’t have time as I can be quite time poor, but the way the content is planned & delivered makes it really easy for me to access what I need when it suits me. I don’t consider myself to struggle with garment making so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered how much WT still had to offer me – it’s improved my knowledge and confidence with sizing, substituting yarn and even knitting a garment with completely different yarn weight than called for. And it’s been totally inspiring, it’s really strengthened my knitting mojo!

– Sarah

Jacqui gained the skills to finish and modify a knit started by her late mum

When I joined Wardrobe Toolbox I was fairly new to knitting and now I feel like I could tackle any pattern. The support, the lessons and the community are like having a master class at my disposal 24/7. And my favorite part is that I had been carrying around something my mum had been knitting when she passed for 11 years. I had no idea what it was… through the skills I learned in Wardrobe Toolbox I finally was able to identify it, match it with the pattern, figure out where she was in the pattern and what size she was knitting (and that led me to realize that it was a jumper for me) now I also have the skills to finish it and make the necessary mods due to the fact that I don’t know if I have enough of the same yarn…that to me is absolutely priceless

– Jacqui

So my skills are so much better than I could have ever imagined. I can knit colour work and lace work and work with beads. Knit in the round and top down. Different types of yarn and needles. It is totally endless learning experience. I have also made a few friends on here as well. I’m actually quite a bit behind with WTB at the moment but you know what I don’t even have to stress about that because there’s no rules. I can pick up at anytime. I love the community and the people. Honestly it’s been my saving grace through COVID

– Nicky

I joined WTB back at Season 1, my skills have certainly improved. What I really enjoy and find unique to WTB are the Masterclasses and Knit Nights, these are so varied and always very interesting. Thanks Libby, I am really looking forward to Season 5!

– Philippa

I had started a cabled sweater a couple months before WTB Season 1, and yes I had swatched. The farther I got on the body (bottom up), the more concerned I was that it was too small. Then came the month of gauge lessons. Those lessons showed me what I was doing wrong while swatching! I frogged that sweater and only restarted it on Jan 3rd, 2022. The body is done, and only about an inch left of the sleeves before decreasing at underarms. I think it is going to be the best-fitting sweater for myself I have ever made!

– Sheila

I’ve learnt so much about swatching, sizing, colours, etc. It’s given me a lot more confidence with my knitting and if I need to a tutorial or something I can find it there. Also, love, love, love the special guests/classes. They are so interesting and always learn something.

– Deborah

Wardrobe Toolbox is such a genius concept. Lots of topics which are clearly explained – from lace to short rows and all sorts in between and we all know to Swatch – the most important lesson of all. The Master Classes are fabulous and you always come away inspired. You go at your own pace and it is such a supportive community. Thank you Libby and roll on season 5.”

– Bernadette

I am a relatively new to WTB just joined season 4. I found the support and help within the group amazing, no question is left unanswered. I have knitted most of my life but I feel I have seen knitting in a whole new way since being part of WTB. I love all the video support, the KAL (although I am not a quick as some of the ladies) and having a ‘connection’ with Libby is extra special. So glad to be a part of this community

– Peta

“I’m now the boss of my knitting!! I’ve learned so much about fit and knitting for my body. I now have the confidence to fix mistakes without frogging, no more holes in the underarms, conquered short rows and so much more! I use my tips from Libby on every project! But one of the best things, is being part of the community and making new friends!”

– Diane

“I love that WTB, aka Libby gives me confidence to try new ways to make my garments work for my lifestyle. Add A-line shaping to accommodate things I want to hide, add waist shaping to the back so that its more flattering. Understanding how the finished size will look, and so much more.”

– Jo-Anne

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