Blocking can feel like a mystery when your project has an unfamiliar shape.

So, we include a sketch in every Truly Myrtle pattern showing you the shape to block your project.

You’ll find it on the “yarn and notions page” with information about what needles, yarn and gauge you’ll need.

Sometimes, we flick a sleeve over our in garment sketches to show you extra details. In this case, flick the sleeve back when you’re blocking.

Huia cardigan, showing off her pretty keyhole cuff. Simply lie both sleeves outstretched like the right sleeve.

The sketch can be very helpful for shawls, especially crescent shawls where the form your knitting desires is the opposite of the intended shape.

Mindful shawl has a fabulous upwards sweep to the top edge when blocked correctly.

Find even more about blocking crescent shawls here.

Have fun with your blocking, and make the most of the tips included in your pattern!

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