Recently on my podcast, I had a long chat with you about “ease”. I tried a bunch of sweaters and cardigans on and showed you what different amounts of ease looked like.

Ease is a funny concept to get our heads around. It took me a while to figure it all out. Mostly, I couldn’t quite visualise what different amounts of ease looked like on my body, and wasn’t sure how much ease I felt comfortable wearing.

It all changed when I realised I could be a detective in my own wardrobe and I thoroughly recommend that you try being a detective too.

Let’s dive into what it looks like to be a knitting detective.


When you set out to be a detective in your wardrobe, try not to get caught up in the emotions of how big or small, old or new, ugly or gorgeous, you think your clothes are.

We’re on a mission to gather data, that’s it.


Choose a handful of sweaters and cardigans (and other tops too) that feel great to wear.

When you’re tempted to reach for things that you “wear all the time”, have a think about whether you’re wearing them because they feel GREAT, or because they’re available.

Our mission is to find clothes that feel fabulous.

(If your wardrobe is short of “great” bits, head out the shops and be a detective there … even raid a friend’s closet!)


Choose garments that have a bit of stretch because they’ll give us a better idea of fit than woven fabrics.

Hand-knits are wonderful, but commercially knitted or sewn sweaters, cardigans, and tops work too.

Make notes as you go. It’s hard to remember knitting detective details when our heads are already overflowing with important life-stuff.


Lay your garments flat and measure them.

What do they measure around the fullest part of the bust? What’s the upper arm circumference? How about across the shoulders?

Which top looks great over your hips? What’s the circumference at its hem?

How long is your favourite sweater? How long do you like your sleeves? What about your cuffs?

What’s the neck width of your most flattering top?

Which top cuts you off under the arms? How deep are the armholes?

Do you get the idea?

Gather data.


Now you’ve got a bunch of numbers, have a bash at organising your data.

Have you discovered that there’s a magic length for your favourite sweaters?

What about fullness at the bust? What has your measuring told you?

Can you make a list of “ideal measurements”?


Next time you open a knitting pattern, grab your notebook of “ideal measurements”.

Which size gives you measurements closest to your ideal?

Are you feeling braver to choose a size that’s more close-fitting than suggested by the designer?

Are you tempted to knit it this one a little shorter, or longer than written, or will you change the sleeves?

Doesn’t it feel good to be one step closer to making clothes you LOVE to wear?

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If you want to watch a replay of my recent podcast all about ease, you can find it here.

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