Sometimes new designs just come together beautifully. I think it helps when you’re working with beautiful yarn.

I started this design in March with only a vague notion of how it might end up. I was off to a knitting retreat, needed something new on my needles that I could knit and chat with and thought this colour combination of Outlaw Yarn Bohemia (London Town & Earl) were perfect together and wanted to be stripes.

Actually, if I’m honest I cast on the very first few rows about a dozen times before I was happy with the numbers, the arrangement of colours and the method of starting my shawl. But, once off, the rest just came together. The border knit itself – as I worked my way down the shawl I saw that the softness of the yarn and the rounded shape of the shawl would do well with the contrast of some peaks and angles and, keen to keep the lightness of the yarn (it really is quite ethereal with the addition of possum and alpaca to the soft polwarth) I decided to use slipped stitches instead of colourwork. Did I try some colourwork first? I honestly can’t remember …

Anyhow, Zelda has been released! Yay! And because I want you to get a chance to knit her in the most delicious yarn possible I’ve arranged a rather fabulous giveaway.

Thanks to Deb at Outlaw Yarn, everyone who purchases a copy of Zelda via Ravelry before 8am this Saturday 28th May (NZ time) will automatically go into the draw for 4 balls of gorgeous Bohemia Sport from Outlaw Yarn – enough for your Zelda shawl!

I rather love the name, don’t you? My son tells me Zelda is actually a very famous computer game. I had no idea! I only knew it as a shorting of Griselda and meaning something like “dark battle” which seemed perfectly apt for the strong lines and angles of the design. Oh well, it’ll be doubly special if you’re a “gamer” I guess ;)

You can find all the details about the shawl patter on Ravelry – just click the link below.

I can’t wait to see you wearing your Zelda shawl :)

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