Some of you are old hands at this but it’s totally new and cool for me and I can’t wait for yarn to start arriving in my letterbox!

Let me tell you all about it cos if you live “downunder” maybe you want to join too …

Tash from Holland Road Yarn Company contacted me yesterday to ask if I’d mind spreading the word about her new yarn club. She actually offered me a couple of skeins of yarn in return. I’ve never done a “deal” like that before so initially I was a bit  “ah – not sure … ” but then I clicked on her link about the club, read all about it and decided it looked so cool that not only would I tell you all about it – I’d jolly well buy a subscription myself!

I can’t tell you any “details” about who the yarn is coming from … although you will NOT be disappointed … but I can tell you; Tash has recruited three amazing indie dyers from North America to kick things off. I haven’t tried any of them yet …

To follow, three special NZ dyers are dyeing exclusive colourways just for us. You can sign up for either the Northern dyers or the Southern ones, or go all in and register for both. 

Each parcel will contain:
  • 100g approx of 4ply / fingering weight yarn dyed especially for us in an exclusive colour way
  • special treats worth at least $10

Here’s the prices:


You get yarn for the first 3 months from all North American dyers
NZ – $150 including shipping
Australia – $154 including shipping 

North & South

All 6 months, North American dyers followed by NZ dyers
NZ – $300 including shipping
Australia – $308 including shipping

(Any leftover spots for South will go on sale in late September.)

The shipping dates are:

(the North American yarns)
  • late July / early August
  • first week of September
  • first week of October
(the NZ yarns)
  • first week of November
  • first week of December
  • second week of January

If you want to “join the club”, head over to Holland Road and sign up at 10am, 9 July (NZ time). Spots are limited so get in quick.

Pretty cool huh?! I’ve signed up for the North club and Tash kindly gave me a discount to say thank you for telling all of you. 

p.s. I’ll always tell you if I do a “deal” but I’ll never ever do a “deal” that I don’t love.

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