My podcast is not cooperating and I'm trying another way to upload it - but since the computer tells me it still has 1093(!) minutes to go I thought I'd post a round up of my #memademay outfits for week two in the meantime ... #mmmay15 #knittersofinstagraWeek 3 #memademay round up. The temperature is definitely dropping - bring on the hats & shawls!  #mmmay15 #madememay #madebymemay #handmadewardrobe #handmadecloset #memademay is drawing to a close - just a few days to go... I won't be sad to have a break from selfies for a while 😉 Here's a round up of week 4.  #mmmay15 #madememay #madebymemay #handmadecloset #handmadewardrobe #knitting #knittersofig #knittersofUntitled

So, there you have it – My Me Made May 2015. 31 days of handmade clothes. Although I eventually grew slightly tired of taking endless selfies, it was a fun month. I felt quite enthusiastic to fill the gaps I could see in my handmade wardrobe and received so much pleasure and inspiration from seeing what other people were wearing.

I learnt a few things:

– selfies aren’t as scary as I thought;
– although it’s really hard to look like myself in them;
– I have sewn far more summer clothes than winter clothes;
– you can never have too many hats;
– or shawls;
– or socks;
– I could do with a bit more handmade jewellery;
– I really do wear handmade every. single. day!

I really enjoyed regularly scrolling through the tags #memademay & #mmmay15 on Instagram to see what handmade clothes other people were wearing. Since I had lots of wintery woollens right at hand I was particularly interested to see what sewing patterns might be good additions for my wardrobe. Of course, lots of the clothes were summery as people dressed for warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere but I found some new people to follow and made a long list of (sewing) patterns I might try.

Here’s my list … have you made any of these?

+ Tova
+ Coco

Some are vague – notes about a whole range of patterns to look at. But most are particular garments. What surprised me most was how many dresses I liked and also, how different they could look in a variety of fabrics and with little modifications. I liked many of the Me Made May versions so much more than I do the original pattern version.

How was your Me Made May? Feeling inspired? Which patterns caught your eye?

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