Mindful Shawl by Libby Jonson - Truly Myrtle Designs
It’s a fantastic feeling to publish a pattern. Lots of energy and hard work goes into creating it and getting it just right and it’s exciting to release it into the world.

I’m left with a real feeling of satisfaction after publishing my Mindful Shawl pattern. I was so inspired by the colours of this yarn to make something with dramatic and at the same time I was relishing the idea of a design that would fire up my brain and I could get my teeth into.

Mindful Shawl by Libby Jonson - Truly Myrtle Designs
I think I’ve managed to do both with this design. I love the striking lace patterns that flow one into the other. They have a symmetry and rhythm to them which keeps your hands eager to keep going and your mind engaged.

Mindful Shawl by Libby Jonson - Truly Myrtle Designs

The border and bind off just finish it all off don’t they? The last section of lace is a relaxing knit. A simple repeat that you’ll remember in no time and it’s easy to read in your knitting so that means you’ll be able to knit for longer without glancing at your pattern.

I’m super pleased with the picot bind off. The points are emphasised beautifully with a good blocking. I found using my blocking wires worked wonderfully to pull each tip out fully.

Mindful Shawl by Libby Jonson - Truly Myrtle Designs
This is how I will mostly wear my Mindful Shawl. Flung around my neck to keep me toasty and jazzing up my outfit at the same time. I love the versatility of crescent shawls. They’re so fabulously wearable.

If you’re interested in knitting a Mindful Shawl for yourself, it’s available to purchase in my Ravelry shop now.

Happy knitting!!

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