Making plans
Last week the youngest of my four children started school. It marked almost 13 years of being at home with small children and although in one way it felt like a momentous occasion, truly the end of an era, in another it felt like a perfectly ordinary day, a very natural change. 

Kissing my little girl goodbye, I was overcome with a huge sense of accomplishment. I’ve loved having babies and raising kids and I’ve totally thrown myself into it, boots and all. Of course it hasn’t all been roses but phew! we’ve made it this far and we’re doing ok. 

I think the feeling of her starting school being a natural transition has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve had one eye on the future for a wee while now. Of course I knew it was coming. And, while I’ve not wanted to wish the last few months away, I have been quietly dreaming of how I’ll spend those precious few hours each weekday while my children are at school. The last decade has taught me that for the most part those hours are unlikely to be spent cleaning the house and doing the washing. I’ve always had far too many other fun things to do and that’s unlikely to change. So I’ve been making plans for Truly Myrtle.

You’ll notice that since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying a few new things; I’ve been filming my podcast, launched the Truly Myrtle Handmade Newsletter and most recently started a Ravelry group. I’ve also been posting on my blog regularly and I’ve released a couple of new patterns. I’ve been experimenting and getting a feel for where I want to go with Truly Myrtle. And, since I’m letting myself take some time to figure things out, expect to see more new things evolve over the coming year as I try out other ideas.

One thing I am determined to be doing more of however, is designing and releasing knitting patterns. I’m so excited at having regular, quiet, designing time and I’ve been making piles of yarn and winding gorgeous skeins into balls and cakes as I dream about knitting beautiful new knitwear. That’s my latest pile in the photo above, isn’t it divine?!

A huge plus from starting my podcast, newsletter and Ravelry group is getting to know more of you. I’m really enjoying your messages and emails and I love hearing what you have to say. Do you have something in particular that you’d like to see from Truly Myrtle? Do let me know, I’m all ears!

In the meantime, issue 3 of the Truly Myrtle Handmade Newsletter is being published tomorrow – if you’d like a copy you can sign up here. I’m also hosting a giveaway in my Ravelry group and am giving away a gorgeous project bag to one lucky winner. All you have to do is join the Ravelry group to be in the draw. I’ll pick a winner when I record my next podcast in a few weeks.

Happy knitting!

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