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I love checking out other people’s project pages on Ravelry. When I’m thinking of knitting something, especially for myself, I usually have a scroll through project pages that link to the pattern I’m considering, look at photos and read comments. It can be a good way of narrowing down my choices if I’m wavering between a couple of different things.

Sometimes, the photos I find can be super inspiring. I can think of a couple of cases where I decided to knit something purely because it turned out so beautifully for someone else. Sometimes it’s the project notes that convince me and I can think of a few cases where I’ve decided not to knit something because of the project notes I’ve read. A number of people may have said that the pattern wasn’t clearly worded or was confusing to knit. 

Photos are also useful to see how things are constructed or how they come together. Sometimes a colourway or yarn used for a particular project gives me a good idea of what I might use for my project. Or, on the other hand, these things might give me a better idea of yarn or colours I absolutely won’t try.

Project notes can be interesting too. If I’m stuck on a pattern chances are someone else has been stuck there too and a quick look around will inevitably give me the answers I’m looking for. 

Did you know you can search for projects for a particular pattern that other knitters have found helpful? There’s a drop down box on each pattern page called “filter these projects”. One of the options is “all helpful projects”. If you ever find something helpful, you can click “yes” next to “did you find these notes helpful?” at the bottom of project page notes too.

Unfortunately, despite really enjoying other people’s project pages and finding them so useful, I haven’t been brilliant at keeping my own up to date. I’ve relied on blog posts to tell you about my projects and these days, my instagram photos give you a lot more information about how my knitting is progressing than my Ravelry project pages.

Well, I’m hoping that’ll change. I’ve resolved to start writing a bit more detail in my project notes and including some of my photos from instagram. It’s useful for me as well as you. I have a tendency to forget what I did in a pattern as soon as I put it down. And lately, as I pick up and finish off projects that have sat around for months and months, I’ve been wishing I’d made better notes for myself!

So, I’ve started. I think all my current projects are now listed on ravelry … fingers crossed! I’ve gone back and included a few more notes and I’ve posted some additional photos too.

How are your ravelry projects looking? Scanty or absolutely jammed packed with useful, helpful information?

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