Getting Back To Sewing & My Tops Tools
Getting back to sewing has been no easy feat. I’ve really wanted to sew, needed to sew but try as I may, I just couldn’t manage to get myself in front of my sewing machine. 

I’m very pleased to tell you that that’s changed. I’ve done it! I have been sewing. I actually finished the first of my summer outfits and it feels so good. Was it really September when I started? Oh dear. Never mind, at least I’m feeling motivated now.

But, before I show you my new outfit, I thought I’d tell you a few things that helped get me back to sewing in case you also need some encouragement, and share a few of my favourite sewing tools with you.

Here we go. Ideas that worked for me that you might feel inspired to try:

  • Publicly announce that you’re going to sew something. Once I told you on my podcast I was going to sew my skirt and make time for sewing, well I had to do it. I didn’t want to turn up here in a couple of months and confess that I still hadn’t done it. Perhaps it might work for you to tell someone you’re going to sew a specific thing? Even better, suggest you do it together!
  • Break the job into parts and tackle one little bit at a time. I organised my pattern and cut out my fabric long before I sewed a seam. Then, when I did start sewing I broke the pattern down into chunks and told myself I was just going to do steps A, B, and C then have a break. Once I started sewing I actually went on to do more than those first steps because I was having so much fun.
  • Start even if your sewing space/table isn’t perfect. This is a biggie for me. I like making things in a tidy space. It’s easy with knitting, I can knit anywhere so I tend to plonk myself down somewhere tidy. With sewing I like to tidy up my table before I start and sometimes this task takes all my sewing time. This time, I gave everything a quick straighten and got on with my sewing. I didn’t do my big sort and wipe. You know? It was actually ok ;)
  • Stop buying clothes aka get desperate. I haven’t bought myself any new clothes for a very long time partly because I don’t tend to go to the shops, partly because we’re spending any spare money on our house but mostly because I am determined that I should sew my own clothes and wear a handmade wardrobe. Now it’s hot I’m starting to feel desperate. It’s sew or keep wearing the same couple of cool outfits day in and day out. Do you buy things you could easily sew?
  • And finally, organise a chunk of time to sew. I sat down on Saturday afternoon and made my skirt. Before I started I organised Mr Myrtle to make dinner so I didn’t have to stop. I don’t like sewing in a rush, I always make mistakes and stopping and starting isn’t much fun either. A long stretch of time allows me to relax and sew carefully. 
  • It helps to gather a few good tools too. My favourite sewing tools are lined up in the photo: a magnetic pin-cushion, a good un-picker, sharp scissors, a rubber hoop for bobbins and a tackle box for my sewing machine feet. My iron isn’t in the picture but I couldn’t sew without my it, essential! Do you have favourite sewing tools? What can’t you live without?

So there you go. Some ideas to get you started. What do you think? Fancy doing some sewing too?

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