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I simply had to show you two photos this week rather than my usual one on a Friday. I’m sure you understand why. Isn’t this smocking just exquisite? 

My Mum’s friend Carol made every one of these lovely pieces. There is actually one more that makes up the set – a white dress with beautiful blue smocking that’s a similar size to the pretty pink dress on the left – but it’s at my sister’s at the moment and she was already on her way to my place this afternoon when I called to ask her pop it in her car.

Carol made the pink dress on the far right for me when I was just 7 years old. The front bodice is made up of the most perfectly straight pin-tucks and originally it had a pink velvet ribbon around the waist that tied into a bow at the back. I do remember loving that dress and even though the lace at the neck is getting a little worn, my two big girls have both enjoyed wearing it too.

The others were all made especially for my children. First came the blue romper for my son and it fitted him at about 8 months old or so. I remember him wearing it to a wedding at that age, all rolly-polly and bald in his cute outfit. The white dress (not in the picture) was made for my first daughter and she wore it for the first time to my sister’s wedding. Then came the very sweet cream and pink dress for my middle daughter. She wore that dress to my brother’s wedding at about 9 months old and then lots and lots until she was quite a big toddler as I decided it was simply too pretty to hide away. Carol allows a very generous hem and I just lowered it and lowered it as she grew taller. Just this year my youngest daughter was thrilled beyond belief to be given the apricot sprig dress with wide sashes that tie behind her back. There’s been no weddings to go to but no matter, because she’s four she’s worn her party dress as much as she’s able anyway, in all weather!
Aren’t they all just so beautiful? True heirlooms.

The reason I’ve shown you Carol’s amazing dresses this week is not just because they are worthy of showing off but also because Carol gave me a tip I’m going to share with you. And when you read her tip – you’ll understand why I chose to take a photo of her dresses rather than of anything related to what she told me …

So, here we go:
  • We are just about to plant potatoes in our summer garden (I know, a bit late!). Anyhow, Carol (who just happens to be as fabulous a gardener as she is a sewer) told me to wrap each potato in a comfrey leaf as we plant them. Apparently the comfrey gives lots of nutrients to the potato while simultaneously providing some natural protection from pests. Sounds good. We’re going to try it. (The dresses were a better picture weren’t they?!)
  • An exciting thing is happening close to me this weekend! A “pop-up” fibre festival is being held in the Pukekohe Town Hall tomorrow; Saturday the 15th of November, between 12:30 and 2:30pm. Yahooooo! There are about 16 stallholders setting up shop and some are coming from an hour away. I’m thrilled – will I see you there? If you do come and you see me – please say hello. I’d just love to meet you. X
  • Lovely Helen of Curious Handmade gorgeousness has just released details about this year’s Knitvent collection. I was lucky enough to receive her Knitvent collection last year and it was super fun being surprised with new patterns in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This year the collection is already looking to be pretty darn fabulous – in true Helen style. The first pattern a delicate beaded shawl, has been released and it’s stunning. So, how does it all work? Well, Helen releases the patterns one by one each Tuesday in the weeks leading up to christmas. It’s a bit like opening the doors on an advent calendar, you don’t know what’s inside beforehand but the surprise is reliably good. You can read more details here but I do feel compelled to mention – that if you buy Knitvent 2014 before the end of this weekend (Sunday 14 November 2014) you’ll automatically get last year’s fantastic Knitvent 2013 collection for free! Go! Quick!

Have a happy weekend! X

P.S. For a variety of reasons this week, not least of which was terribly shoddy internet service, I now have a backlog of things to catch you up on! Look out for a couple of extra posts next week :)

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