Share All The Things Friday

Thank you for all the love you’ve been giving Antipodes! I do hope you enjoy your beautiful shawls and I can’t wait to see photos of them on Ravelry. It’s quite a thrill :)

The weather is slowly warming up here in New Zealand but the wind has been brisk and the evenings chilly. This kind of weather spells “accessories” to me – particularly knitted shawls and scarves. I’ve been living in jeans, light tops and gorgeous shawls this week and I donned a cowl and a cosy hat for bonfire night. It suits me that summer is taking it’s time!

Have fun with my picks for you this week:

  • I know that some of you run, or are thinking of starting, a small business and I wondered if you’d heard of Elise Blaha Cripe. This week I stumbled upon her speech at the World Domination Summit and through that found her blog and in the last couple of days have been enjoying some of her audio podcasts. Elise is open, fresh and quite candid about running a small business, particularly in combination with a blog. I’m in a similar boat to Elise (albeit on a much more modest scale!) in that I’m a blogger that’s developing a small business rather than someone trying to make money from blogging or someone that has a blog purely started to support a business. It’s a funny but apparently manageable combination. I think Elise particularly appeals to me because I hear myself in lots of her comments. I am a born “maker” of things. I can’t help myself and I can’t stop. I have a tendency to jump in and learn on the go and I automatically tend to break things down into managable chunks rather than being overwhelmed with the enormity of what I’m trying to do. I’m definitely overflowing with ideas and love starting things but it’s true that I need regular changes to keep things interesting and I find rules a bit suffocating. I’m not conventional and that’s ok with me, I like to learn all the things and I might be one of the most curious/nosy people you’ll ever meet. Anyhow, if starting or running a small business is your thing, check her out. Even if it’s not – you might find her speech entertaining and motivating.
  • I fell in love with Gabriella Henry’s Lucie Shawlette this week. (What is it with me and shawls at the moment? I just can’t get enough of them.) Not only is her lead photo absolutely swoon-worthy but the shawl looks like something that could quickly become a wardrobe staple. It’s a squishy DK weight garter crescent shawl with a gorgeous crochet border that you crochet on from side to side once you’ve finished knitting. It’s adjustable so you can make it bigger (I think I might make it a little longer so it could fling around my neck at least once) and making changes looks like a very easy process with the use of a kitchen scale. Overall, I think Lucie looks like a fun, quick knit/crochet and does a fabulous job of modernising a very stylish 1970’s look. I love it.
  • If you’re after something fun and delicious – look no further than Mr November. I’ve been rather enjoying the Stitch Seekers Men in Knitwear calendar this year and up until this month Mr February was my favourite. Maybe because it’s my birthday this month? Who knows. Whatever the reason, Mr November wins the day. Having said that, there’s still December. And, my goodness, there’s still 2015!

Have a happy weekend! X

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