Share All The Things Friday
How was your week? We had a short one here in New Zealand since Monday was a public holiday. Mr Myrtle and I managed to do some work in our garden before the rain started. I’d forgotten how much it rains in Auckland! A LOT. Fingers crossed we get some good days this weekend – we’ve got more gardening plans.

Have you made plans for your weekend? Here are my things to share this week – maybe there’s something there that inspires you!

  • I borrowed a book called The Stress Free Home out of the library recently because it looked intriguing and I’ve been thinking a lot about decorating our home so it’s more to our taste. To be honest, the book was full of beautiful rooms that looked totally unobtainable or at least, unsustainable for a family of six. You know; white sofas, clear surfaces, large sparkly clean windows and carefully positioned, fragile ornaments. But, it did contain a wee gem. Hidden within the dozens of “serenity secrets” dotted through the book was a secret about stress-free dinner times. We eat dinner all together around our dining room table almost every night and I’ll not beat around the bush – our kids table manners are pretty hairy. More often than not dinner time is pure chaos, far from the serene image you see on the movies. Anyhow, the book suggested sitting everyone according to the “ba-gua” diagram which is feng shui I think. Here’s what it said: 
Middle son – north
Youngest son – northeast
Eldest son – east
Father – northwest
Eldest daughter – southeast
Middle daughter – south
Mother – southwest
Youngest daughter – west

So, we tried it. You know? There might be something in it. Maybe it’s more about putting the two males together in our house and the baby between mum and dad? Dunno. But, whatever it is, we (mostly) seem to be having calmer dinner times. Especially when we toss in a good game of eye spy, chinese whispers or charades …

  • I’ve knitted lots of sweaters, cardigans, nappy covers and vests for my kids but I haven’t crocheted a thing for them. Well, I rather suspect that’s about to change and Kat Goldin’s gorgeous Ripple Cardigan will the perfect crochet project to start me off. The combination of Kat’s fabulous design skills and her magical photography skills just wowed me with this cardigan. I absolutely looooooove it. The Ripple Cardigan is knitted with a sock yarn, which Kat quite rightly points out is a fantastic yarn for kids because it’s lightweight, warm and hardwearing. And, with sizing from 0-6months to 10 years … I have a feeling I’ll be making quite a few Ripples ;)

  • I discovered Abbey Morris and her cute sock patterns this week. Abbey started designing knitwear this year after she set herself a goal to publish a knitting pattern before she turned 21. She’s actually published four patterns now, including three very cute sock patterns. Abbey’s Sweet Pea Shoots pattern caught my eye especially. I love them in the green but I rather fancy them in a hot pink or cornflower blue too :)

Have a happy weekend! X

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