Share All The Things Friday ... On Monday!
Oh goodness, you’re a wonderful bunch of people! So many of you watched my little youtube clip and lots and lots of you have written encouraging me to start a podcast. Thank you so much! It’s made me feel all excited and motivated to get going! Don’t worry, I’ll not stop blogging – I heard you when you told me you wanted to still read the blog. I’ll do my best to make this thing work all together. I’ve been having a wee think about how I might be able to do it and I’m sure there’ll be a way … I suspect less housework might be the answer ;) Oh wouldn’t that be nice?!

I did laugh at some of your comments. Some of you expected a British accent? Nope! Just my Kiwi twang. All those years in England did nothing for my vowels. And those kids! “Strawberry eating bookends” as someone described them :) I’m so glad so many of you also live with constant interruptions!

Anyhow, I think that all means that a Truly Myrtle Podcast WILL HAPPEN! I’ll beaver away behind the scenes to get everything ready and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to roll.

Shall we get on with Share All The Things Friday? The eagle eyed among you will have noticed there was no post last Friday. Whoops. That was life getting the better of me. Mr Myrtle and the kids were all home on holiday and I lost all track of the days …

  • This book was a total splurge. Months ago I heard it was coming out, then just a few weeks ago I heard that it was published and about a week ago I saw it in the flesh and somehow it just leapt into my basket! The Unbakery is a compilation of dozens of delicious recipes from the Little Bird Cafe, here in Auckland. The food is like nothing I’ve seen in a cafe before – raw vegan, mostly grain free food. There are two cafe’s, both terrifically stylish and funky and I have fallen in love with them. I guess the recipes aren’t for everyone – but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. You’ll be pleased to hear I have a new breakfast obsession – Chia porridge with almond milk, grated apple and lemon juice, roughly chopped almonds, sultanas and cinnamon on top. Yum. I’ve even been making my own almond milk from the book and I managed to whip up a glorious blueberry “cheesecake” for Mr Myrtle’s birthday from coconut, nuts and fruit mostly. I’m happy.

  • T pins have become indispensable for blocking my recent design samples (the next one includes some lovely lacy goodness). I’m not sure how I managed without them and in fact, I’d go as far as saying, they are essential shawl knitting kit!

  • Did you notice the theme tune on my wee podcast teaser? I know it was a bit long and I will shorten it but isn’t it cool? I just LOVE that song: “Casting On” – I thought it was very apt. It’s from one of several fantastic albums written by a local group Mr Roberelli, ostensibly for kids but they’re so catchy that sometimes I play them just for me too. If you didn’t listen right to the end, do! Their chatter at the end of the song is funny – especially if you knit or crochet in public. You can find out more about the band and purchase albums for you kids (or yourself) on their website. Mr Roberelli himself told me that the single of Casting On is available on itunes.

Have a happy weekend everyone! X

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