I’ve been knitting like a crazy thing this week. I’ve got two new designs written up and as soon as I’ve knitted the samples and fiddled with the patterns so they’re just right, they’ll be ready for testing. I can’t knit fast enough – I’m so excited to see how they both turn out! 

So, ready for some things to share?

  • My mum gave me a great tip this week. Watching me knit and trying to keep track of my rows by marking them with a pencil, losing the pencil and hunting for an eraser when I wanted to go back a row, she suggested I try a trick of hers. See that hot pink pin in the side of my pattern? That’s the trick. Mark your rows with a pin stuck into your pattern. It’s pretty easy really. The pin stays put when you’re on the move and you can quickly shift it up or down as much as you like when you’re knitting. I’m converted.

  • I really enjoy yoga but don’t have the time, nor the money, to go to a class more than once a week. So, instead, I’ve been yoga-ring at home with “Adriene”. I hunted youtube for a some good classes and stumbled across Adriene’s yoga channel. She’s got a range of classes that vary in style and length and I like her gentle, organic approach to yoga practice. She’s even got a couple for complete beginners.

Righto, best I get back to my knitting! Have a happy weekend everyone! X

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