Antipodes - A Truly Myrtle Design
My latest design is nearly done! It’s been knitted, photographed, edited and is currently being knitted by a few lovely testers to make extra sure the pattern is squeaky clean and perfect for releasing in a couple of weeks. 

I am on a bit of a “shawl-thing” blitz. I love wearing wraps and scarves and now I’m finding I’m getting quite obsessed with various ways they can be constructed, knitted and worn. This design is probably more akin to a scarf than a shawl really but I think it still has a delicate shawl-ish feel. Super long and slender, “Antipodes” wraps around your neck twice so the pretty lace gets double the chance to show off and drape beautifully. Knitted with just one skein of fingering, it’s lightweight – so perfect for any season.

Originally, I designed another pattern for this yarn. I finished writing it, started knitting – nearly finished it – then bam! The yarn told me it wanted to be something else. Something prettier, something altogether lacier and most definitely glamorous. How could I refuse? It’s such glorious yarn. A 75/25 merino/silk blend, this skein of deep greys and blues was the most luxurious skein in my stash. I bought it at the very lovely yarn shop Loop in London and it was hand dyed in Germany by DyeForYarn. If this yarn wanted to be something else. Well, I had to listen. So, I ripped it out and started again.

Antipodes - A Truly Myrtle Design
And, I upped the anti. This yarn wanted glamour? I’d give it glamour. 

Antipodes is knitted sideways, from corner to corner, so that the elegant crescent shaped garter stitch body takes on a bias look and the intricate pointed lacework is knitted at the same time. This meant I could also include instructions to adjust the length of the shawl. You can make it longer, shorter and also make super-duper sure that you won’t run out of yarn! There are written instructions and charts so everyone is happy. I sure am happy and I think the yarn looks happy too. Don’t you?

If all goes to plan, this pattern will be available in early November. It’d be perfect for a Christmas party, don’t you think? Stay tuned.

Antipodes - A Truly Myrtle Design
And, since this blog is all about celebrating handmade – especially handmade clothing – I have a wee story for you. It’s about the beautiful dress in my photo.

Remember how I told you once before about my grandmother and her fabulous style and how she was lucky enough to visit Buckingham Palace several times and party with the Queen? Well guess what? She wore this amazing dress to Buckingham Palace for one of those parties in the 1960’s.

My grandather bought her the beautiful silk in India and my mum actually sewed her the dress. She was in her late teens/early twenties at the time and she’s done a wonderful job. It’s a fully lined, floor length, fitted sheath dress with a high slash neckline at the front and back and a beautifully inserted zip. I think she wore it with long kid gloves with little pearl buttons up the arms and I bet the Queen wished this dress was hers. 

I can’t believe that I fit it. I just need a fancy occasion to wear it! (Someone tell Mr Myrtle …)

Finally, I’m making a list of lovely knitters interested in testing designs for me in the future. Does that sound like something you’d like to do? If it does, leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know your name, ravelry name and email address. I’ve got another shawl nearly ready to go and a bunch more designs for shawls and other bits and pieces, scrawled on paper and in my head ;)

My Ravelry project page for my Antipodes Shawl is here, in case you want a few more details.

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