Quick Fix
I don’t think I’ve touched my basket of crochet granny circles since we left the UK and last night I had a sudden urge to make some. As it turned out, I had lots of things to do before I had a chance to sit down at the end of the day so I only managed three before bed but I’m quite pleased with them and now I’m inspired to do more. Maybe I’ll actually manage enough for a blanket one day after all!

Small Pleasures
I’m still taking the “grab three colours that appeal” approach to making my circles. It involves doing exactly that – reaching into my basket of yarn and quickly taking three colours that catch my eye. It’s a very low stress activity.

The yarn in my basket are all left over odds and ends from other projects with the occasional whole ball from my stash that I’ve relegated to the “scrap” basket. Most is wool although there are some lovely glossy wool/silk blends and fluffy alpaca in there.  I’ve only included double knitting or yarn around that weight, from sport-weight to worsted. Last night I decided to take out all the little bits of sport weight because it really does make a too-small circle even when the sport is only one colour in the three. The odd bit of worsted I can handle, like the golden corn-coloured wool in my bottom circle, even though those circles are a wee bit bigger, they’re not too bad. My intention is to make my circles all more-or-less the same size and when I’ve got enough for a double bed, I’ll join them with something “natural” coloured (I have no idea what yet so that may change!)

If you want to make circles for yourself, you can find fantastic instructions with photos here. I just quickly re-read them and realised that I’ve been leaving out a few single chains here and there. Oh well, they still look ok! 

My one piece of advice would be: weave in your ends as you go. I actually crochet my first two colours in as I go along – just lay the end along the edge of your work and crochet around it. Any tiny bits that peep out can be snipped off. My outer colour is quickly woven in a the end. Dealing with hundreds of circles with thousands of ends is not something I’d look forward to ….

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