Because I’m an on-the-hop blogger, writing posts on the day you see them rather than in advance, I’m sitting here late in the evening on Friday night writing this post. It’s very rock and roll around here ;)

I’ve been feeling worried that I’m swamping you with All The Things. There’s just so much to share! Anyhow, I thought I’d try telling you about fewer things and see how that goes. Do let me know what you think – how much would you like to see? What kind of things do you really love? I’m happy to evolve.

  • I don’t think I have always felt in a rush but my last year and a bit has been lived at a crazy pace and I’m ready to slow. it. down. This week I’ve been reading Dr. Libby Weaver’s book The Rushing Woman’s Syndrome and it’s absolutely fascinating. I hadn’t heard of Dr. Libby before this year – she’s Australian, she’s written a bunch of books (including cookbooks) and tours NZ fairly regularly giving talks about health and lifestyle issues. She is a nutritional biochemist with a holistic approach to health, backing up everything she says with science (she’s got a Phd. in Biochemistry). I really like her ideas, they makes good sense to me. If you’d like a wee taste of Dr. Libby’s Rushing Woman book – check out her TED talk.

  • The mason jar in my photo contains kefir. At least I hope it does. I’m curious to see how long I can keep my kefir grains alive. Kefir grains are clusters of good bacteria – like yoghurt but way more powerful. I’m growing mine in water. I should end up with a bubbly, slightly fermented flavoured drink. Traditionally kefir was made with milk but apparently it’s easy to convert milk kefir grains to water kefir grains by just washing them. Here’s the kefir method I’m trying.

  • Just take a peek at this cardigan. Isn’t it beautiful? I’d love to dress all my girls in these but they’ve become so jolly opinionated. Anyhow, this photo led me back to The Craft Sessions and I sighed and wished I lived Melbourne or at least much, much closer – or at the very least, that someone would set up something exactly the same in my city. (Anyone?!) I wonder if I could save my pennies and one day, some day, fly over to join in.

Have a really happy weekend X

P.S. Those muffins? Delicious and healthy. Another fabulous recipe from My Darling Lemon Thyme.

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