Share All The Things Friday
Any thoughts of spring have been well and truly squashed today – it is cold and wet out there! At least the baby trees in our new orchard are getting a good watering. In good news, my Dad was discharged from hospital after nearly five weeks and is home this evening. Not quite sure what comes next but I’m crossing my fingers he’s seen the worst of it.

Without further ado, here’s my five things to share this Friday:

  • Last weekend I found Sew Love Tea Do in St. Kevin’s Arcade on K’Rd, Auckland. Located in a darling vintage shop the owner Sarah provides space, sewing machines, fabric, notions, a very welcoming vibe and sewing skills to help you mend and sew whatever you fancy. She’s open 7 days and you can choose to drop in and use her machines and expertise for a small hourly fee or, you might like to take part in one of her many workshops, catering to absolute beginners and more experienced sewers. There’s even a knitting workshop tucked in there!

  • Extra Curricular Magazine is a New Zealand publication. It’s small (A5) but ever so pretty and I’m so taken with it that I’ve subscribed for the year. For me, a lot of the appeal is finding out about the crafty people down here in New Zealand and Australia. (I’m so pleased to report there are plenty!) I love the articles about creative folk and the things they make but Extra Curricular also includes recipes, crafty tutorials and ideas for creative entrepreneurs. Co-incidentally, this most recent issue (#15) has a great feature on Sew Love Tea Do and also features The Mint, also located here in Auckland. At their studio Any and Evie run a series of workshops including screen printing. I have been itching to try screen printing – here’s my chance!

  • I noticed a blog post by the TechKnitter pop up in my feed recently. I’m not sure she’s properly “back” as she’s actually popped up a couple of random times since announcing she’d be taking a break to write a book in February 2013. Still, it’s a good reminder to check out her fantastic blog. Crammed full of “how-to” information about knitting, the TechKnitting blog is a great place to start if you get stuck.

  • Knitty magazine shared some info this week that was really interesting and totally relevant if you follow Truly Myrtle on Facebook. The long and the short of it is that Facebook works by sharing my Facebook posts with a greater number of you, if more of you click “like” or (even better) leave a comment or share my post. Although I’ve got 600+ followers on Facebook sometimes less than 100 of you get to see what I post there! Crazy huh?! So, if you never want to miss another Truly Myrtle post again – click “like” or say hi! Thanks X

  • I am a keen follow of Tara Swiger and all her tips on starting and growing a handmade business. She’s got lots of really sensible things to say on the topic and seems very approachable and friendly. So, I was particularly pleased to see that she and friend Misty have started their own craft podcast; The Handmade Podcast. Both are avid crafters, trying their hand at everything from knitting to dyeing to sewing, papercrafts and spinning (and lots more in between). I’m enjoying them and the variety of things they make.

Have a happy weekend!

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