My goodness, the weeks roll around fast! Although Spring doesn’t hit with a bang here in Auckland, there are a few blossom trees around, lots of baby lambs, a promise in the air and of course freesias. I’ve been wondering this week if they’re actually my favourite flower. It’s been years since I’ve seen a proper freesia; freshly picked and heavy with fragrance and I’m absolutely delighted to see them popping up all over my garden.

Ready for some things to share?

  • A friend returned Buddhism for Mothers to me this week and I’ve been enjoying dipping into it. I first found this book when my two big kids were toddlers (maybe 9 or 10 years ago?) and it was something of a revelation for me. Over the years I’ve also read the next two books in the series (for small children and schoolchildren) but the first one has remained my favourite. The ideas are fascinating and I’m drawn back to them time and time again. This week I stumbled across this video by the Buddhist nun Venerable Robina Courtin. The way Robina discusses Buddhist ideas is decidedly less “zen” than my gentle book but I was totally captivated by Robina’s video, as much by the woman herself as what she said. Fairly brash and talking ten-to-the-dozen, you can almost see Robina’s brain whirling while she talks about “pure Buddhism” in western language. If you decide to watch it, do tell me what you think. 

  • I’m not sure whether to combine these two colours of Spinning A Yarn in one project, use them separately or, buy a third very fabulous saturated skein of this 50% silk / 50% merino blend, dyed right here in New Zealand. I’m sure I need more …

  • I thought the new (free) Lace Shrug pattern by Andi Satterlund was pretty cute this week. It looks like a fun knit, not too tricky and it might just finish off a summer sundress very nicely.

  • I’ve been enjoying the recent Make it Work series about being a freelance knitwear designer on Karie Bookish’s Fourth Edition blog. This week it culminated in an interesting interview on A Playful Day blog. Watch out for their combined Twitter hang-out on Tuesday, September 9 at 8:30pm BST. They’ve gathered a panel of industry experts to share their tips on making a splash in the fibre industry. (That’ll be Wednesday, September 10 at 7:30am NZT for us peeps downunder.)

  • Did you see Michelle’s Ease sweater on her blog My So-Called Handmade Life recently? I love Michelle’s fabulous style and I constantly find myself wanting to make pretty much everything she knits. Her sweater is no exception and although I’ve had my eye on the pattern (Ease by Alicia Plummer) for quite a while now, Michelle has managed to convince me that I definitely have to get one on the needles.

Have a happy weekend X

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