Mis-matched Pair

I’m not quite sure what to think about my mis-matched pair of socks. I didn’t expect them to be quite so different and while a part of me doesn’t mind, after all they’re beautifully soft, a bit off the wall and certainly colourful, there’s another part of me that’s squirming. For those that have used it before, is Casbah always this random?!

Having said that, I don’t know which is of the two I prefer – left with it’s lovely pinks and slimmer stripes or right with it’s wider stripes and tons of white?

Mis-matched Pair
My socks are knit top down with a 1 X 1 rib cuff and 3 X 1 rib legs. The heels are traditional heel flaps where I slip my stitches knit-wise so that I get a nice twisted heel. I probably should have put in an afterthought heel so that the stripes didn’t get all muddled across the top of my ankle at that point but hey, I think this confused pair of socks probably doesn’t mind. The 3 X 1 rib continues down the top of my foot with straight stocking stitch underneath and my toes are simple round toes decreased on each side every second row until 12 stitches remain on each side. This pattern by Glenna C. is a goodie to follow if you want to make something similar.

My Ravelry page for my socks is here.

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