It’s been far too quiet on this blog. Truth be told, I’ve been feeling stressed, wound up and a bit down and although I have a tendency to go a bit quiet when I’m like that – it’s probably the worst thing I could do. I love people, love chatting, both in real life and here on my wee blog and when I’m not blogging I really miss the company, the stimulation and the satisfying feeling of making art by taking photos and writing about what I’m up to.

So, I’m going to make a real effort to get back into the groove of blogging. I need it. Plus, I’ve accumulated a backlog of things to show you!

Shall we start with socks? I showed you my puffin yarn, a scrummy blend of merino, cashmere and a smidge of nylon … well, this is how it’s knitting up. I’m knitting a three by one rib – three knit stitches and one purl stitch – but you can’t really tell in the picture. 

Speaking of the picture, how many ways are there to photograph a sock and keep it interesting? I’m not sure if this one worked all that well but I’m always trying :)

I was promised that I would constantly stop and caress this yarn and it’s true, I am. I’m even pushing it towards anyone near me and instructing them to feel it too. The cashmere is divine and my knitting feels fantastically soft and silky. 

Aren’t the colours crazy? I’m totally entertained by the way it’s knitting up and keep imagining how it might be slightly or even drastically different if I was knitting larger or smaller socks. I’m getting a spiral effect with the stripes with the 64 stitches I’ve cast on for my feet. I’m guessing that the stripes would be straighter with more stitches and probably even more curly wurly with less.

I’m still a fan of my double pointed needles for socks, especially my pretty KnitPro rosewood needles. It’s a pain in the neck when you drop one in the car and it slides down between the seats but I do love how they look and how they feel. I’ve had a few questions lately about how to fix the “ladders” that you can get between the needles when you’re first learning to knit socks. I used to get those too. Initially I gave my first couple of stitches a good tug when starting on a new needle but eventually I think they just vanished with practice.

Knitting is all about practice. Stick at it and do it regularly and everything will be alright. I’m sure it’s true of blogging about knitting too.

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