Total Splurge
After my last post, one of my dear readers pointed me in the direction of Casbah a merino, cashmere, nylon blend, hand-dyed at Handmaiden Yarns.

What can I say? I was totally seduced by the idea of cashmere in my socks, fell in love with the crazy colourways, threw caution to the wind and splurged. Ten days and two skeins of yarn later, I’m so pleased I did – aren’t they fabulous? Soooo soft …

I’m sure there’s a risk that such scrumptious, variegated skeins might end up looking a bit of a motley mess in stockinette but the pleasure I’m expecting from slipping such luscious yarn through my fingers, means I don’t really care :)

My feet can’t wait. Socks, here I come! The dreamy green, grey and lilac on the left is “lilypond” and the striking brown, cream, pinks and orange on the right; obviously “puffin”. 

I’m all ears – any irresistible yarn you’d recommend?

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