Still More Casting On Is Required
Still More Casting On Is Required
To be honest, the rate of knitting and generally making has gone downhill here at Truly Myrtle. I have been pulling out my knitting but it’s not growing too much – just a row or two here and there.

This past couple of weeks has presented a few challenges that really needed me to be knitting something super simple. Instead of these very pretty pink socks with some of my newly hand-dyed yarn, I should have cast on a straightforward stockinette pair of socks, so I could knit and chat, or zone out a bit to the click clack of my needles.

I’ve had poorly kids around and managed to get a bit of their bug myself but mostly, my Dad hasn’t been well. Sadly, after an initial stay in hospital and a few tests, we’ve just found out he has cancer. There will be more tests to figure out if it’s spread and we’re all feeling a bit shaken.

I’m not good at getting much done when I’m worried, especially things that require me to count, think, be very careful or follow a pattern. And since everything already on my needles includes lace or cables or both, I definitely need to start something new. 

So what to cast on? My new project has to be super simple, soft, warm and very lovely. With that in mind, I’m off to have a rummage in my stash for some sock yarn that’ll make truly lovely vanilla socks. 

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