Knitting Without Words
You’ll be pleased to hear that I knit even when no one is looking. Even when I take a break from chattering on this blog and even when life goes a bit awry. In fact, I am a big believer that knitting (or in fact any sort of “creating”) is good for your health, stress levels and general well being and we should all try to find out what we love to make and do a little (or a lot) every single day.  Mr Myrtle gives me his kindly “here she goes again” look when I start ranting on like this. But, I’m right and he knows it.
Anyhow, I have been knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing (I know! I said dyeing!) and doing just a little sewing and now we’ve unpacked most of our stuff and generally settled in, I’m ready to get back here to Truly Myrtle and chat.

Knitting Without Words
I must confess to a little self-doubt over the last few months. Do I really have anything useful or interesting to say? Will anyone really care if I pack up shop and never post again? Are blogs being read any more anyway? Is life all snappy Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts? I did feel a little bit “blah” about the whole thing with thoughts like this in my head. But as I mulled it over, it also dawned on me that I really like reading blogs. Blog posts can be pondering and thoughtful in a way that Instagram and Twitter can’t. I am a keen instagram-er and I tweet (Facebook is another story … I’ll talk about that in a second) but I love beautiful photos, I’m inspired by projects of others and learn a lot from them, and I get tons of pleasure from peeking into other people’s lives and reading their stories. Surely I can’t be the only one?

And anyway, I thought, I have really enjoyed blogging over the last two years. I have met so many great people, both online and in real life, as a direct result of Truly Myrtle. Plus, I had no idea I liked writing so much, my photography journey has been super exciting and I don’t fancy giving up any of this just yet.

So I’m not. I’m planning to stay right here and to keep chattering.

Knitting Without Words

You may know I have a Facebook page. Usually I just update it when I have a new blog post so you know to pop over and have a read. For ages I’ve been wondering if you want me to use my Facebook page a bit more? My mum says you do. She doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter but she’s a keen Facebook user so she wants to see regular snippets of what I’m up to and what I’m enjoying and she’s sure you do to. Do you? Please tell me! I could just nip over and show my mum if she’s the only one who wants to see bits and bobs from my daily crafty life! Leave me a message or drop me an email (I do love getting your emails) and let me know how often you might like to catch up with Truly Myrtle on Facebook. 

Knitting Without Words
This has been a funny sort of post hasn’t it? Well done if you’ve made it this far! These ideas have been bubbling for ages and I had to get them out.

Best I tell you all about my photos now. My shawl is finally finished and it is simply lovely. I actually finished the knitting a couple of months ago but only managed to weave in the two tiny ends yesterday. It was nothing more than a hopeless case of procrastination, other tempting projects getting in the way and the warm weather never ending. It’s only just starting to get slightly cool. The pattern is Radiance Shawl by the very clever Helen Stewart and you can find more details on my Ravelry project page

The last photo is taken at our new place. My shawl was flung over the gate in the first few photos but I thought you might like a proper look behind the gate. The paddock faces northeast on a gentle slope and is destined to be an orchard complete with chickens pecking around underneath. Our entire house and the land have to been seen with a great degree of “vision”. The house and most of the gardens are ugly but practical and our plan is to slowly (probably very, very slowly knowing us) improve and update nearly every inch. Mr Myrtle has started “chicken-proofing” this paddock already and we’ve got a little bit of time to plan and order about 30 or 40 new fruit trees to plant over the coming winter. I adore the entrance between the trees at the top, it feels very romantic. I have high hopes of skipping down into the orchard to collect fruit and eggs in years to come …

So, that’s it from me. Let the chatting commence! If your email address is attached to your blogger ID I can email you a reply :)

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