Kelpie Vest

This is how our “photoshoot” ended. We started all neat and tidy but it didn’t take long to be covered in grass clippings and feijoa juice. It’s my favourite photo of the afternoon.

Shall we get back to the beginning?

Kelpie Vest Kelpie Vest
I knit this sweet little vest as a test knit for Becca at Tiny Lovely Knits. She has written a great new pattern and needed people to test that it all worked and fitted properly before she published it. 

I jumped at the chance. I’m really keen to get to know more New Zealand designers and knitters but also, as the temperature drops here, it’s become apparent to me how much my kids are in need of new knits, especially vest tops like this. They keep little people warm without making them feel too hot and they can be layered up without getting all bunchy around the arms.

Kelpie Vest

Isn’t it cute? It’s a top down, seamless top that would be perfect for a range of knitters – from beginners to experienced. The techniques you need to know are knit, purl, increasing stitches, working in the round and if you chose the version with a sweet cable running down the side; how to use a cable needle. The neckband and shoulders come together almost by magic and the body is mostly happy, mindless knitting in the round so it’s perfect for tired evenings and chit chat.

Becca released her Kelpie vest this week and it’s available in a whopping number of sizes: 3 months to 12 years and in no less than 3 yarn weights – double knitting, worsted and chunky.

I’m sure I’ll be making more myself, my big kids already want them! In fact my 10 year old thinks she might like to make her own :) I can also see that this pattern will be popular for new babies too – a tiny vest could be whipped up in no time and would make such a great gift.

Kelpie Vest

Mine is a double knit version. I used a gorgeous 50/50 silk/merino blend of yarn from my stash that’s probably quite wasted on a small person but it’s soft and warm with beautiful drape and my wee girl loves it. 

The pattern photo shows the cable version that includes a cable running down the side of the body. I liked the simplicity of the ribbed sides, so went for that. There are options for both in the pattern but if you didn’t fancy either, or wanted a really quick and easy knit, there’s no reason why you couldn’t do straight stockinette all around the body.

Kelpie Vest
See, she loves those feijoas. There were a few left on our trees after a bumper crop this summer. If you haven’t tried feijoas and you don’t live in New Zealand I don’t know how easily you’ll be able to get hold of them. If you can, do! A garden staple in New Zealand, feijoas are delicious. They are a sweet, soft green fruit with a creamy/grainy centre and come in a range of sizes depending on the variety and you can eat them raw or cooked. Ours are large with creamy centres. I’ve heard talk of feijoas in London but never saw them there myself. Sometimes they’re called pineapple guavas. Have you come across them where you are?

Anyway, back to the knitting and the giveaway!

Becca has very generously offered three copies of her Kelpie Vest pattern to giveaway to three lucky readers. Do you fancy winning one? 

If you do, leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever tasted a feijoa and if you thought it was yummy. I’ll close the draw and randomly choose three winners on Wednesday 28th May 2014

Just one entry each please, but feel free to tell all your friends!

In the meantime, you can find  Becca’s gorgeous Kelpie Vest on Ravelry here (she’s got an introductory offer of 25% off until May 25th!) and the project page for my pink version (including yarn & needle details), here

By the way, if you noticed the knitted headband in my photos and fancied whipping up one too – I’ve got a free little pattern for them here.

Fingers crossed!

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