Would it be so terrible if my stash of yarn was the first thing I unpack on Friday when we move into our new house? I’m sorely tempted because I’m missing it rather a lot. What is it about a stash of yarn? Is it simply the touch and smell of delicious yarn that is so comforting? Or, the thrill of what each skein promises to become? I don’t know. Whatever, I can’t wait to get my hands on my stash again at the end of the week.

Excitingly, I had a little splurge on yarn and fibre as I left the UK, quickly packing it away before I’d had much time to enjoy it properly. It’ll be a little like Christmas when I get my hands on it all again.

Whilst I’ve been patiently waiting for our moving in day and for our container to be delivered, I’ve been collecting a few lovely (nearly all local) skeins. I’ve thought a little about what I might make with each and although nothing is set in stone, at this stage it’s all destined for things for me …

So far, I’ve squirrelled yarns from New Zealand indie dyers Soft Like Kittens, Happy Go Knitty and Spinning a Yarn. The creamy yarn to the left of the picture is also a New Zealand yarn, a merino/possum mix from Naturally Yarns but the pale blue lace is from Peruvian company Misti Alpaca.
Are there any other New Zealand dyers I just have to try? Do tell. I may even brave a sale on Facebook if you tell me it’s worth it!

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