Waste Not Want Not
Goodness the weeks are flying by. Here we are at Monday and it’s time to draw some winners for the fabulous iMake Magazine. But, I’m sure there’s time for a little chatter first.

Thanks for the suggestions to my request for a good double decrease. I had another reason to find one over the weekend while helping my sister with her knitting. In the end, we’ve decided that the best one is this:

Slip two stitches to your right needle (together) as if to knit them, knit the next stitch on the left needle, then pass the two slipped stitches over the knitted stitch. 

It’s simple to remember, easy to execute and leaves a lovely, neat finish.

Waste Not Want Not
Curious about my photos?

Well, my recent birthday presents from Mr Myrtle came in a big cardboard box stamped all over with Ashford Wheels & Looms. It turns out that it was the perfect box to rip up and lay over some of the vege gardens to make little paths. We’ve laid straw over the top now but I rather like the idea that there’s a crafty secret underneath doing good work suppressing all the weeds.
Waste Not Want Not
Here’s what one of the paths leads too. Sweetcorn! I’m looking forward to harvesting this lot later in the summer.

Righto, winners. Thanks to everyone who entered – you are a crafty bunch and yes, as far as I’m concerned cooking, baking and brewing are all good crafty pursuits! 

Five of you were lucky enough to win a copy of issue 2 of iMake Magazine and you were:

Linda (lmecoll on Ravelry)
Mousy Brown
Nicole Batch

Congratulations! Let me know your email addresses and I’ll arrange for your copy to be delivered right to your inbox.

Bye for now X

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