Fabulous Wrap
Fabulous Wrap
My wrap has been done for a while and I’ve even worn it on cooler days. It’s just lovely. Squishy, soft, BFL/silk/cashmere dyed to quite an edible colour of berry.

I pretty much followed the pattern as written, although I went up a needle size to that specified. And, mine is bigger and less asymmetrical than the original because I kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. I did a bunch of yarn-over and knit rows at the end until my ball was really close to being finished and then cast off super loosely.

Don’t you love the way the ends curl? It’s easy to wear and I’m madly crossing my fingers I’ll still need it in a New Zealand winter …

My ravelry project page is here.
By the way, my new photographer is my 11 year old son. He was very specific about where I should stand and on what angle he wanted to hold the camera. Aside from playing with every function on the camera and setting it to shoot a million shots a second, he did pretty well I think. I might “hire” him again.
P.S. Yes, I’ve had a radical haircut and yes, I now wear glasses. It’s lovely that the world is crisp and clear again, but I’m not too sure whether I’ll stick with this hair for long.

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