Spinning Wheel Pouch

I’ve got some big news to tell you. 

It’s not about the notions pouch I’m making for my spinning wheel with some of my early spinning efforts, although I am attempting one and it’s knitted on a wing and a prayer. The idea is that I knit a large pouch and felt it to the size I want but I’m knitting with my fingers crossed that this yarn will actually felt. It might be superwash or something. I have no idea since it was scavenged by my kids from the Ashford tent at Fibre East last year. So, fingers crossed eh?!

Spinning Wheel Pouch

But I ramble. You want news and I’ve been dying to tell you some. I just had to wait till the kids were back at school so they could tell their friends first. 

Here goes:

(I had to shout a bit because it’s pretty exciting.) 

Home is New Zealand. Both Mr Myrtle and I are Kiwis but we’ve been loving living in the UK for 12 of the past 15 years. We’ve been in Cambridge for the last 7 and three of our four kids were born in the UK. 

But now, it’s time to go home. Time to let our kids whip off their shoes and get a taste of life in New Zealand. Time to see more of our families and time to start a new adventure.

Of course it’ll be bittersweet. Cambridge is a great city and we have a lovely life here. This place holds wonderful memories for us and we have dear friends that we love. It’s been hard enough breaking the news that we’re going, it’ll be terribly hard to say goodbye.

At this stage we don’t have an actual date for leaving. There are things we need to sort out (like selling the house!) but we’re aiming to be back in New Zealand for Christmas – and another summer …

So, that’s my news. 

What do you think? 

P. S. A notions pouch for my spinning wheel. What are you supposed to put in those? So far I’ve got a little hook for grabbing the yarn. What else do you think I need?

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