Scott Base Socks
My fervour for knitting socks knows no bounds this week.

I’ve cast on Sarah Ronchetti’s Scott Base socks for Mr Myrtle and the pattern is quick, easy and sufficiently varied to hold my interest. I’m nipping along.

The yarn has been sitting in my basket for a while. It’s nothing fancy but I love the colour and know that it washes softer than it currently feels. If you’ve been visiting Truly Myrtle for a while, you might remember I made a pair of socks for my sister (and chatted about following a chart) with the same yarn last year. It’s Cygnet Truly Wool Rich 4ply (75% Wool, 25% Polyamide) in the Denim Mix colourway. I loved those socks …

For Mr Myrtle’s socks I’m trying something new. In an effort to combat the dreaded “second sock syndrome”, where you happily knit the first sock then really can’t bear the thought of casting on and knitting the second and all the fun goes out of your pair of socks, I am knitting my two socks at the same time. Well, sort of.

I haven’t quite figured out true “two-at-a-time”, but know that it involves a circular needle. That’ll be my next challenge. First, I’m having a go at “knit a bit of each” two-at-a-time sock knitting.

First, I knit the cuff of sock one on double-pointed needles (dpns) because I don’t have a circular the right size and don’t fancy splashing out when I have perfectly good old, second-hand, metal dpns, that may have actually been free). Next I moved that first cuff to my circular needle and knitted the cuff of sock two straight away. You’ll see that I’m on to the leg of sock one now and when it’s the right length, I’ll knit the leg of sock two before turning the heels and so on …

I confess that the “knit a bit of each” approach wasn’t my idea, but I think it’s genius. I heard of it from Joeli on her new video podcast – Joeli’s Kitchen. I’m enjoying her podcast and I suggest heading over her way if you’re a knitting nerd like me. You’ll likely learn something new too.

So, are you joining in Sezza’s knit-along? Have you cast on socks this week too?

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