Mr Myrtle's Basketweave socks
I’ve been doing a spot of crocheting lately (I’ll show you soon) and as I’m an absolute novice, it hasn’t been the most relaxing of crafts so far. I can’t really sit and mindlessly crochet like I can with knitting and until just recently, when I seem to have suddenly clicked with the pattern, I haven’t been able to chat and crochet at the same time. It was all counting, messing it up, ripping back and counting again … you get the picture. And, since I am a knitter of all seasons and all situations, I needed something else on my needles for taking out and about. 

It’s been a while since I first cast them on but you might remember the socks I started for Mr Myrtle earlier in the year? They’re 100% Kiwi – remember? Yarn dyed by a New Zealander, pattern written by a New Zealander and of course knitted by me … a New Zealander. They’re very patriotic socks, even though they’re not black ;)
Mr Myrtle's Basketweave socks
Anyway, I found them squashed away in a bag. I’d finished one and had started the leg on the other (they’re knitted top down).
I better tell you all the details: The yarn is a BFL and bamboo blend, hand-dyed by Annette of Soft Like Kittens in the Button Mushroom colourway. The pattern is Basket Weave Rib Socks; a freebie by Sarah Ronchetti and is available on Ravelry here. Mr Myrtle’s feet are a wee bit longer than the largest size in the pattern, so I went up a needle size to 2.75mm needles and they’ve worked out just fine. The pattern actually stretches out a bit more wonderfully on his feet – but I couldn’t get his feet, the socks and the camera all in one place at one time … so here they are flat. (update: Sarah tells me she’s added a “man size” to her pattern now!)

Of course it’s sort of summer-ish here right now (“summer” might be a bit optimistic), so it’ll be a while before Mr Myrtle gets to slip his tootsies into these socks, but he nods when I say I’m sure he’s looking forward to it. 

The yarn is very squishy and inviting and I am over the moon about the pattern, which is super easy and makes a fabulous men’s sock, don’t you think? I am particularly loving Sarah’s attention to detail at the toe. It’s a very comfy fit.

My Ravelry project page is here.

Mr Myrtle's Basketweave socks

Socks are funny beasts. They seem to alternate from taking forever to finish, and flying off the needles. I think it depends just where you’re up to. I find the leg can take ages, but once I hit the heel flap …. click, click, click … and I’m done. 

These socks seemed to take no time to finish once I picked them up again and they’ve left me feeling in the mood for more socks. Fortunately, it seems I’m in luck. Sarah is hosting a sock knit-along in her Ravelry group starting 1 July. It’s just what I need and I’m going to join in and knit her fabulous Scott Base socks, another pair for Mr Myrtle (isn’t he lucky?). It was a toss-up between those and her lovely Ashill Socks for me – but I think I might have to splurge on a perfect, new, bright semi-solid for those …. so they’ll be next. 

Do you think you’ll join us? Oh go on, it’ll be fun! 

Plus, Sarah is offering a generous discount on her sock patterns from now till the end of July, spot prizes and a prize at the end :)

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P.S.  I’m sure you’ve heard it already from a gazillion sources – but if you read your blogs on Google Reader, you won’t be able to from 1 July 2013. (If you don’t know whether you do – I’m thinking you probably don’t.)

I used Google reader until recently and after trying out both Feedly and Bloglovin, I’ve made the move to Bloglovin. Not only is it simple to do, it’s great, easy to navigate and I can recommend it.

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